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Maple Syrup like no other

Experience syrup made from a forest

that has not been touched

since the Ice Age.

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There are over
2,200 maple syrup
taps in this

A state of the art tubing system, reverse osmosis, and a wood fired evaporator, combined with rare minerals that feed the trees, creates some of the best tasting maple syrup.  

Experience maple syrup from the land before time.  

Heather filling bottles
The Sugarhouse
It is always open and during Syrup season (mid-March to mid-April) the Sugarhouse is in full production and there is always something exciting to see. 
Want to visit?  Drop us a line or call, so we can make sure we are there to meet you.

Tours of the Sugarbush can be booked all year, and during Syrup season will end with a  "Sugar on Snow" experience!  The tour includes the forest, the minerals, and the entire syrup making process.  This property is globally unique in its mineral composition and has not been impacted by humans since the last ice age.

Maybe these minerals are what give the maple syrup its buttery flavour?

The Bramham family are dedicated to protect a unique piece of Canada, that is geologically significant.  Protect it by giving tours to encourage a real understanding of connections in nature.

And produce some of the best-darn tasting maple syrup from this undisturbed forest.  A portion of the proceeds of every bottle helps protect this forest.  


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"It tastes amazing - so buttery."   

Jonny Harris visits Esson Creek/Greenmantle Mineral Tours for an episode of CBC's Still Standing. 

Here he is with Mark and Sandra Bramham.

Rexall Haliburton

and additionally,
during the summer months

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We are always happy to have you visit
the Sugarhouse to buy maple syrup.

Open by appointment.
Drop us a line, or call and
we will be there to greet you. 

613 334-7340  


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