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Guided tours to see
re minerals
on undisturbed land.

An arial view of a collapsed cave on the tour.

While mineral samples from Greenmantle are in museums around the world, the best way to learn about the minerals is to see the living museum for yourself.   You will learn how plants and animals in the forest, are affected by the minerals below.

The Greenmantle Mineral Tour is

aproximately 3.5 to 4 hours.

The route can be adjusted for physical ability.

The speed is determined by you, and your interests, 

and what we see.  Mineral tours are offered May through November.

During the Maple Season (March-April) the tour incorporates the full maple process.  How the minerals under the ground determine the flora and fauna above.  How and why trees produce syrup, how we gather it, and then a delicious sampling of sugar on snow!

Adults $45.00

Children -12 and under $15.00

Minimum charge of $90.00 per tour

Mark loves to give a tour.
first tour in 2004
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" We loved the tour so very much! Mark knows exactly how to explain important facts in easy words and then keep them in memory forever! Even for 6&9 yo (but for adults too..) He is so passionate about what he's doing there, we were impressed and left with warm feelings and memories! Great place to spend your day, learn a lot and see wonders of nature! Their Maple syrup tastes awesome, minerals are stunning, and people there are kindhearted and knowledgeable ♥️"

lil crystal club.jpg

" Our family had an amazing day at Greenmantle Farm. Our sons (7, 9 & 11) hung off Mark’s every word as he gave them an entire semesters worth of geological knowledge in just a few hours. Walking the property and learning about geology and minerals has to be one of the highlights of our summer. Such a beautiful place and many of the formations we saw were one of a kind. If you are lucky enough to be in the area you should definitely book a tour here."

Maps and up-close specimens.
Eco-tours visits Greenmantle.
A AAn Arial view of a collaspesd cave on the tour.
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